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Our Philosophy of Financial Stewardship

Our giving enables us to be God's hands and feet in our community and across the world. We thank you and appreciate your gifts and will use your gift as you intend for it to be used. We are using a online giving program called com that is used by thousands of other churches. Our online giving is available by clicking on the green "Donate" button, on your smartphone phone, or via our Facebook page. Of course, you can still mail a check to the Church Office at the address at the bottom of this page.


We accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. You can also use electronic checking. For this convenience, a credit cards costs 2.9 percent of the gift plus a 30 cent transaction fee. Electronic checking costs 1.0 percent plus the 30 cent transaction fee. We would like for you to cover that cost when you give, but it is not required to give.

Common Questions about e-Giving:

What is e-Giving and what are its benefits?

Today people are willing to have money transferred from their bank accounts to pay bills, insurance premiums, mortgages, fitness memberships and more. Online giving provides the same convenience for those who want to faithfully and consistently make a financial gift to the church.


While we accept gifts via credit cards, we strongly suggest that no one use a credit card unless it is paid off every month.


Is e-Giving secure?

Yes. We use an established third-party vendor as a clearing house to transfer funds to our bank. Information submitted online is protected by physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in compliance with applicable federal and state regulations, including firewalls and data encryption.


Can I give to multiple funds (e.g., general, special offerings, etc.)?

Yes. To indicate your desired fund allocation, please select the appropriate fund at the bottom of the e-Giving form.


Can I set up recurring gifts?

Yes. You can set up a recurring gift on the e-Giving form by selecting a type of recurring transaction in the the Recurring Giving box and select when and how often you want to give. 


Are there fees associated with each method of e-Giving?

Each type of e-Giving incurs some kind of fee. These fees will be absorbed by Hanover United Methodist Church and not your account. Withdrawals from your checking account (ACH) incur a small flat fee that is less than the percentage fee incurred with credit/debit card transactions. Therefore, automatic debits from your checking account (ACH) are the preferred method of e-Giving.

Click on the green "Give to HUMC" to access the online giving form - click HERE for directions on using the the webpage and smartphone app.

Click on the How to Give button to learn more about using our online giving options
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