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Join us for a Special Study in Spiritual Group Direction

Join us beginning January 13, 2024, and continuing for several Saturdays thereafter, in a spiritual growth opportunity. It will be in the Fellowship Hall at 9:00 am.

This will be a time for us to make room for God to speak to us. According to Angela Reed in her book, Spiritual Companioning, we not only gather before God's word in preaching , we can also gather around God's word in small groups. This opportunity will enable us to try something different to hear God's word with fresh ears.

This is more than a bible study. It is a chance to learn to listen more intently to what God is saying. We will create in "open space" so that we can be receptive to what God is saying to us through scripture.

We will be using a book called Listening to God Through John, which will be available for $5:00. Bring your Bible and a notepad and pen and join us on this journey. Contact Pastor Luke for more details

This is open to anyone who desires a closer relationship to God. You do not need to be a member of Hanover United Methodist Church to attend.

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